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Project Oma: Children’s Favorite Food

halim family dinner old photograph foto

Couldn't find regular dinner picture! But I think this would suffice! Look My Great Grandmother is in this picture as well (third from the right)

Did I mention that my Oma, mothered nine children?

Nine wickedly disobedient children that would put Dennis the Menace to shame.
If you don’t believe this claim here are some snippets to illustrate:

You know, you’re a scoundrel when you are expelled from school! My uncle was expelled from school, so many times that there was only ONE…UNO…EYNS, school left, at the time, that he hasn’t attended.

Teachers sobbing are one of the many difficulties my Oma had to face during parent-teacher meetings. Other difficulties include confrontations by other parents for having bullies as children. That was always a difficult one! As a mother you are most probably always biased towards your demonic “angelic” children.

There are many other epic stories, but I will do them justice next time. It’s too astounding to be compressed within this post.

Despite their many antics, at the end the day the siblings would gather at the dining table. It is through their stomach my Oma control them. A favorite dish cooked especially for one of them does not only reward good behavior, but also humble those bad behaviors. You wouldn’t hurt those who takes care of you and cooks your favorite meal, now would you?

So here are the siblings Favorite Dishes:

  1. Tante Lily                     : Ayam Panggang Santan, Ayam Opor
  2. Tante Hedy                  : Ayam Bumbu Rujak, Tahu Petis Sambal Hijau
  3. Tante Betty                  : Ayam Kodok, Huzarensla (Dutch Meat and Potato Salad)
  4. Tante Sally                   : Salem Sla, Klaper Taart, Fruit Cocktail
  5. My father: Freddy    : Ayam Panggang Ngohiong Sambal Jahe
  6. Oom Willy                    : Soto Betawi
  7. Tante Corry                 : Macaroni, Sambal Tauco Cabai Hijau
  8. Oom Tony                    : Merah Delima, Kroket
    (Courtesy of his daughter, as Oom Tony doesn’t seem to remember his favorite food. “Gampang Dah! Inget-inget dulu” he said!)
  9. Oom Benny                  : TBA
    (Haven’t had the chance to ask him yet! Watch out for updates!)

I will add the recipes for these dishes as soon as I locate them! And maybe some name translation (once I figure out what they are really called). Ayam Kodok’s literal translation is Chicken Frog? Frog Chicken? That does not sound too appetizing!


Allergic to Cheese

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ironically, my chinese horoscope is the RAT

Well technically, I am still guessing.

I am lactose intolerant, that’s for sure. Dairy Allergies and Lactose Intolerance are different right?

But lately almost every time I had cheese, my face would itch, turned red and its texture rough, like sand paper.

Hopefully, this allergy is only towards certain types of cheese.


Why is this happening to me?

*sobbing while touching my sand paper textured face*

My encounters with cheese within these couple of months:

1. I had Burger King Whopper Jr. with Cheese.

Deviation: Normally I had them without.
Allergic Reaction: YES, my face blushed and itches.
Denial: It was a hot day in Jakarta

2. Cheese Pizza and Rucola Salad with Shaved Parmesan

Deviation: I was in Europe
Allergic Reaction: YES, my face blushed, itches, and rough facial skin texture
Denial: The weather was very dry and caused my skin to itch.

3. Cheese Fondue ala Oom Fritz

Deviation: Gruyere Cheese Fondue served with White Wine
Allergic Reaction: Surprisingly NO
Denial: A confirmation that I have NO allergic reaction to Cheese

4. Sweet Pea’s Birthday Cake, lined with thick Cheese slices and shaved cheese garnish in both Pandan and Original

Deviation: I had Nasi Bakar with fish for lunch and Prawn for dinner (I never had allergic reactions to any previously)
Allergic Reaction: YES, I am still feeling the impact right now :(.
Denial: I can’t deny it, most probably I do have an allergic reaction to CHEESE.


I can have cheese but it has to be accompanied with WINE! 🙂
It’s the only time I didn’t have an allergic reaction.

Food for Thoughts:

I am okay with cheese. I like it, but not a die hard fan. On the other hand, my little cousin LOVES cheese. She eats cheese everyday, if possible on every meal. Scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast, cheese sandwich for lunch, pisang goreng with cheese for snacks, and cheesy pizza for dinner. How do you become obsessed with food? Is it how you were brought up? or what food is always available around the house? or what other explanation?


Sand Paper Face Girl