About Lebah Koening

You can’t really say I’m a Foodie, and you certainly will not believe that when you see me. I am trying to explore the links between food and memories, food and relationships, the impact of food on our social life.


4 responses to “About Lebah Koening

  1. Well, people said “You are what you eat”.
    We could tell whether we’re happy or else from what we consume.

    And I can tell a foodie person is an expressive person, tehehehe….

  2. WAW thats very intriguing how food relates to many other things now why lebah koening do you wanna explore how it relates to whatever food relates to too or did you get stung by a wasp hence the name well i eat cobra snakes natta can confirm that you know its a delicacy does it make me a cobra but hey that would be fun but if i were to turn into an animal cobra would not top the list i guess being an orca would be much more fun dont you agree but you know what an orca is right its a killer whale you know like in the movie free willy its such a magnificent creature

    • Cobra is a delicacy yes I know. Following the expression “you are what you eat” I wouldnt necessarily say Cah Angon Singo eats Cobra, hence s/he is a snake! But I would probably draw the conclusion that you are a culinary adventurer.

      As for eating Orca.. I would rather not! Like you said, it’s too magnificent to be consumed. Actually all animals are beautiful. I’d rather eat vegetables my whole life, had my tongue not tasted meat and poultry.

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